McDonald's Slowly Reintroducing Discontinued Fan-Favorite Breakfast Item

McDonald’s is reintroducing a beloved fan-favorite breakfast item more than four years after it last graced menus. Customers in Alabama and Pennsylvania have reported their local Golden Arches are once again offering bagel sandwiches.

Eagle-eyed fast food sleuths believe this is the latest development in a gradual reintroduction of the hotly desired item to menus across the country. They previously appeared on a few Southern California menus in January, and on menus in some regions of Tennessee last October.

McDonald’s is offering their traditional Bacon, Egg & Cheese and Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel sandwiches in addition to a new selection.

The Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel is quite different from the other breakfast bagel offerings, which include only meat, eggs, and cheese. It’s “toasted with real butter and holds a tender, juicy steak patty, a fluffy folded egg, melty American cheese, and savory grilled onions,” according to the chain.

McDonald's new Steak, Egg & Cheese bagel breakfast sandwich.<p>McDonald's</p>
McDonald's new Steak, Egg & Cheese bagel breakfast sandwich.


The Facebook group Where’s My McDonald’s Bagel has seen posts from users across America celebrating the breakfast staple’s comeback. Several customers in different parts of Texas reported that the bagel sandwiches have returned to local stores, but some say they’re only available by request and are not printed on the menu.

Some patrons similarly reported that the sandwiches are offered in-store only and are not available on McDonald’s app. One customer confirmed with their local restaurant that the bagel sandwiches will be available as of April 1.

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Facebook user Casey Ketcham set the record straight on the expected re-launch date: “PSA as I keep seeing people stating this. Do NOT rely on the app showing the bagels to tell if your store has them or not. They don't go live officially until April 1, so many stores have them but just not on the app everywhere yet.”

“I asked last Friday and they said [the bagel sandwiches would be available] Monday,” Kayla Rodgers replied of her local store. “So I went back this morning and they had them, but not on the menu and no advertising yet.”

McDonald’s did not specify a date when asked by Men’s Journal about the nationwide launch date for the sandwiches

However, McDonald’s did confirm in its response that another fan-favorite item has already made a return in some markets. Beginning March 25, you can grab the chain’s beloved Spicy Chicken McNuggets for a limited time only. The spiky spin-off debuted in 2020 and was most recently available last September.

In the last few months, McDonald’s has made a remarkable number of additions both temporary and permanent to its menu.

Last month, McDonald’s launched an anime-inspired meal including a new Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce. The chain also announced major changes to its signature Big Mac, and recently brought back the breakfast wrap in addition to their Strawberry & Créme Pie.

The chain also opened a rapturously received spin-off, CosMc’s, in Illinois in December before cutting the ribbon on a Texas location last week.