FEB 19 - MAR 20

Leisure Time

Pisces, it’s time to kick back and enjoy life as July gets underway. The sun and Mercury in your leisure zone make this a great time for indulging your favorite hobbies, going on a romantic getaway, and enjoying cultural activities. If you have a skill or talent, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase your work, because you never know who might be looking. Don’t be modest. Someone somewhere could find great joy in what you do.

There is also a buoyant full moon in Capricorn and across your social axis on July 3. You might be invited to a celebration or grand occasion or perhaps to a party or small get-together. Whatever it is, this lunar phase can encourage everyone to wear their heart on their sleeve. No matter how much you want to keep things private, you could end up saying far more than you intended.

Your relationship sector gets stirred up when feisty Mars moves into Virgo for six weeks on the tenth. Its dynamic energy can cause some petty arguments and tension. However, if you’ve been pushing certain issues under the carpet, this is when they’ll come out into the open, giving you a chance to clear the air.

Enjoy the new moon in Cancer on July 17, because its tie with electric Uranus means that something exciting and special could happen. A budding romance could move to a new level, perhaps something you weren’t anticipating. Don’t be afraid to set your imagination free, because the more creative your ideas, the more rewarding this lunar phase could be.

Convivial Venus will be retrograde in your lifestyle sector from the twenty-second to September 3, which might set you thinking about your health and well-being and your daily schedule. There could be a lot of tweaking going on as you make some key changes over the coming weeks.

Finally, the sun moves into Leo on July 22, which means the coming four weeks are great for adjusting your schedule, getting organized, and generally streamlining your affairs.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe