MAY 21 - JUN 20

Handling Your Resources

Gemini, the way you handle your money could be a priority this month. The sun in your money zone until July 22 can give you insights into how to improve matters. And with savvy Mercury moving into Cancer on the fourth, you’ll be eager to save more by cutting back where possible.

In addition, luscious Venus moves into this sector on the seventeenth, so you might be eager to invest in ways to enhance your life while bringing a good return. Antiques and art are possibilities, or anything else that might appreciate over time.

Feisty Mars moves into Taurus and your spiritual zone on July 4 for a stay of around six weeks. This can have the effect of stirring up your psyche and bringing some vivid and helpful dreams.

The supermoon in Capricorn and an intensely emotional zone on the thirteenth could be very revealing. Things might be brought to your awareness that you haven’t noticed before. These could involve unnecessary baggage you’re carrying or issues that aren’t yours but are having an impact on your life. It’s time to clear the decks and do something about them.

On July 22, the sun’s move into charismatic Leo puts the emphasis on communication, giving you a boost when it comes to discussions and negotiations. It’s a great time to swap ideas, connect with others on your wavelength and get moving on plans and projects, especially those associated with the Internet or social media.

Finally, the new moon in Leo on the twenty-eighth is perfect for kick-starting new habits that can help you be more productive. If you’re eager to write your first novel, breaking it down into smaller tasks could see you making good progress. This is also a good time to learn new skills or get a degree or certification.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe