JUN 21 - JUL 22

Express Yourself

Cancer, the sun in your sign means the coming weeks until July 22 can be a positive and uplifting time for you. The qualities and natural skills you have tend to be very much in demand, and people will appreciate you for who you are.

You’ll be ready to share ideas, discuss plans and get things in motion. Whatever you have in mind, reaching out to others might be important if you need feedback or a complimentary boost.

On July 4, warrior Mars moves out of Aries and into Taurus for six weeks, bringing a boost to your social zone. You’ll be eager to organize events, get involved in community projects and be a leading light in any groups or clubs you belong to.

On the thirteenth, you could feel the effects of the supermoon in Capricorn quite profoundly. Because it takes place in your relationship zone, you might begin to see certain bonds in a new light. Perhaps things you hadn’t noticed before become obvious, which could endear someone to you even more or cause you to draw away from them. Trust your instincts on this.

On July 19, clever Mercury moves into Leo and your personal money zone. Its savvy qualities could save you money because you’ll know a bargain when you see one.

Three days later, the sun also glides into Leo for a stay of around four weeks. This could coincide with an extravagant time unless you set some spending limits and stick to your financial goals. If you’re ready to earn some extra cash, you might have some creative ideas that inspire a side hustle that works out well for you.

Finally, the Leo new moon on the twenty-eighth can be helpful if you’re ready to usher in a few new financial habits. Whether you want to cut back on spending or start saving more, this is the time to make your move.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe