SEP 23 - OCT 22

Center of Attention

The emphasis on your sector of ambition puts you in the spotlight, Libra, so make the most of it if you have something to promote. It could be a business, new service, product, or your fabulous skills and talents that you want others to know about. The sun remains in this sector until July 22, giving you a head start, especially if you want to expand your reach or increase your social media following.

Even so, the full moon in Capricorn on the third could be a call to think about your work/life balance. If you’ve been too busy to spend time with your family or relax, this lunar phase could bring this issue to your attention. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might need to do something about it.

Assertive Mars moves out of your social sector and into your spiritual zone on July 10 and remains here for around six weeks. This lively planet can lose its dynamism in this sector, so you’ll need to summon up more energy to get things done. You’ll prefer that things come to you rather than you having to go out and hustle for them.

The big news this month is that charming Venus turns retrograde in your social sector on the twenty-second and remains so until September 3. Venus in reverse can put you in a more objective frame of mind, so you could be reviewing friendships and group associations. If you no longer gel with certain people or communities, you’ll be ready to distance yourself from them.

Still, it isn’t all doom and gloom. The sun moves into Leo and your social zone on July 22 for a stay of four weeks, adding sparkle and encouraging you to get out and about. You’ll be looking for new opportunities to connect, but you’ll also eye them very carefully.

Finally, healing Chiron turns retrograde in your relationship zone on the twenty-third, and this can also encourage much thought about partnerships and close bonds.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe