MAY 21 - JUN 20

In Your Element

Gemini, this month gets off to a positive start with the sun in your sign giving you a boost and encouraging you to be kind to yourself. The coming weeks until June 21 are yours to enjoy, so don’t feel bad about this. Whatever gives you a buzz is good for you.

Talkative Mercury, your guide planet, turns direct on the third after its three-week retrograde phase, so if you’ve been frustrated by delays, things can soon start to pick up.

Mercury moves into your sign on June 13, which enhances your Gemini personality by enabling you to get the best deals, negotiate and showcase your natural wit and charm. There will be no stopping you.

The supermoon in Sagittarius on the fourteenth acts like a turbocharged full moon and could bring feelings to a head regarding a key relationship. If certain issues have been swept under the carpet, this is when they could burst into the open. Try to avoid doing or saying anything on the spur of the moment that you might come to regret later.

Your social life is also looking fabulous as fiery Mars and upbeat Jupiter continue to make it a lively scene. You’ll be eager to join in events, perhaps leading a group and bringing people together for fun or business.

The sun glides into Cancer and your financial zone on June 21 and will be here for around four weeks. You’ll be looking for more security, and if an opportunity or new job shows up and helps you with this, you’ll likely snap it up. Whatever gives you a sense of control and leaves you safer regarding money should be considered.

Finally, the new moon in Cancer on the twenty-eighth is the best time to kick-start a side hustle, sell items you don’t need or rearrange your financial setup.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe