JUL 23 - AUG 22

Who You Know

Leo, the excitement continues in June as fiery Mars and expansive Jupiter journey through fellow fire sign Aries and a far-reaching zone. With this phase set to last weeks and even months, you’ll be looking to the future and new opportunities and challenges that can encourage personal growth.

Your social life is buzzing, and the weeks ahead could see things getting even busier in this regard. This is the ideal time for networking, moving in new circles and making some wonderful friends and connections.

You’ll be helped by logical Mercury as it turns direct on June 3. If your plans have been affected by delays, these can begin to ease and you’ll soon be making excellent progress.

The supermoon in Sagittarius on the fourteenth could coincide with a blossoming romance, and feelings could run high. This might be something that begins in a hurry and grows more intense and passionate. But is it sustainable? Avoid rushing into anything, because you might come to regret it later.

Talkative Mercury moves into Gemini on June 13, followed by seductive Venus on June 22. You might be busy arranging and attending events and bringing people together for all sorts of reasons. You’ll also enjoy doing a little matchmaking.

Despite all this, the sun’s move into sensitive Cancer on the twenty-first ushers in a quieter time. The coming four weeks are excellent for tying up loose ends and finding closure on long-standing issues. It’s time to jettison any emotional baggage so that you’ll have a clear path next month when the sun enters your sign.

Finally, the new moon in Cancer on June 28 could coincide with a desire to take up a spiritual practice. If you want greater peace of mind, then meditation, mindfulness, yoga or tai chi could lay the groundwork for this to happen. If you can stick with it, it could have a profoundly positive effect on you.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe