JUL 23 - AUG 22

Heading for Success

Leo, the month gets underway with fiery Mars in your sign giving you courage and determination. If you’re enthusiastic about a goal or plan, you’ll do everything in your power to make it happen. And with fortunate Jupiter in a high-flying zone for many months yet, you’re all set to take the world by storm.

The sun is in Gemini and your social sector, which is great for pleasure and business. It will remain here until June 21, making this the perfect time to move in new circles and connect with people on your wavelength.

And with a full moon in Sagittarius on the third, this might be the ideal time to host a party or celebration, even if it does get a bit boisterous. You’ll also be in a very forthright mood, so be careful what you say because you could easily upset someone without meaning to.

On June 11, potent Pluto moves back into Capricorn and your lifestyle sector and remains here until January 2024. That means the coming months could find you making changes you didn’t get around to earlier, and some of them could run very deep.

On the seventeenth, prudent Saturn turns retrograde in a private and intense zone and remains so until November 4. You might be ready to get some help with any blockages that are preventing you from being as fulfilled and financially abundant as you could be.

There’s a new moon in Gemini, also on June 17, that’s great for initiating a group project or kick-starting work toward a goal that’s been on your mind for some time.

Finally, the sun’s move into Cancer on the twenty-first takes you into a quieter phase when you’ll be ready to relax and unwind. This is your chance to tie up loose ends and think about your plans and goals for the coming year. What do you really want? If it would make you happy, go for it.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe