FEB 19 - MAR 20

Communicating and Networking

Pisces, you’ll be involved a lot of interactions that could be very productive this month. This is a good time to have conversations that could lead to plans and projects, fresh opportunities, and exploring options that you find deeply fascinating.

The sun is in your sector of talk and thought until May 21, so this is also an excellent time for networking, connecting with kindred spirits, and dealing with more practical activities like admin and organization.

There is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your sector of travel and adventure on the fifth, which could open your eyes to new possibilities. This powerful eclipse could shine a light on an opportunity that takes you in a new direction. However, you might need to let go of something else first before you can move ahead, and if it’s something you’re attached to, it might not be easy.

Some exciting news this month is the move of happy-go-lucky Jupiter into Taurus and your communication zone on May 16. It will remain here for around a year, bringing good fortune just when you need it. The greater your effort, the luckier you’ll be.

If you’re ready to initiate or expand an e-commerce business or set up a website or blog, make use of the new moon on the nineteenth to build momentum. It can help get things off to a positive start.

Your lifestyle sector gets a boost as fiery Mars moves into Leo on May 20 for a stay of six weeks. You’ll have more energy, so you can get a lot more done. You’ll also be eager to exercise, get out in the fresh air, and move your body.

Finally, the sun eases into inquisitive Gemini and your home and family sector on the twenty-first. The coming four weeks are great for all kinds of family activities as well as nurturing yourself and enjoying some pampering. You need this chance to relax and recharge, so take it.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe