Jamie Lee Curtis Doesn’t Mince Words in Fiery Statement About Kate Middleton Conspiracies

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Jamie Lee Curtis, Kate Middleton

Jamie Lee Curtis is the latest celebrity to speak out about ongoing speculation regarding Kate Middleton's health.

The Academy Award winner made her position on the matter known in a clear-cut statement slamming "#KateGate" conspiracy theorists who are convinced that the Princess of Wales had gone "missing" due to her lack of recent public sightings and the photo editing scandal that took place after she was hospitalized for what the palace referred to as a "planned abdominal surgery" in mid-January.

The actress shared her thoughts on the matter shortly before Kensington Palace released a video in which the princess herself updated the public on her health. In the video, Kate announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer and already started chemotherapy.

"Can we please just STOP with this bulls--t conspiracy theory?" Curtis began in a statement shared to her Instagram page on Friday, March 22, alongside a photo of the 42-year-old royal. "This is a human being with young children, and clearly some sort of a health issue. That is a private matter."

"Do we not have better things to do and more important things to think about and be concerned about than this?" she asked rhetorically. "It's a really low [point] in our society when there are SO MANY crucial issues that need our attention."

Following the palace's announcement, Curtis added a new comment to her earlier Instagram post.

"And now Princess Kate has told us about her health and now we should send nothing but our best wishes to her and her family and focus on our own lives and the lives of people directly related to us, and the myriad life-threatening issues to our children that we can focus on," she wrote.

Unlike Curtis, 65, several other A-listers appeared to buy into the unfounded claims suggesting that the princess disappeared ahead of the palace's announcement.

Media personality Andy Cohen recently fueled conspiracy theories that a video of Prince William and Middleton shopping at a market wasn't actually footage of the future queen.

Stephen Colbert also ignited even more speculation after he addressed age-old rumors that Middleton's husband cheated on her with Lady Rose Hanbury–a comment he could be facing legal action over.

Other celebrities to share their take on the ever-escalating situation include Jimmy Kimmel, Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg and Piers Morgan.

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