Piers Morgan Takes Aim at the Royal Family in Brazen Message About Kate Middleton

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Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is putting his foot down when it comes to the Royal Family's handling of Kate Middleton's controversial Mother's Day portrait.

One day after the Princess of Wales shared a "new" photo of herself with her kids–which she has since admitted to editing and multiple news outlets have redacted from their coverage–the English broadcaster issued a bold message aimed at Kensington Palace officials.

"The Palace should release the unedited photo of Kate & the kids asap," Morgan demanded in a statement shared to X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, March 11. "If it’s just a small bit of harmless retouching gone wrong, nobody will care. If they don’t release the original pic, the conspiracy theories they were trying to kill, will get way worse.."

As Morgan alluded, news outlets' decision to "kill" the photo has only fueled the fire of conspiracy theories concerning the 42-year-old's whereabouts.

For the most part, the unfounded claims suggest that Middleton has been "missing" since undergoing "planned abdominal surgery" earlier this year.

In the wake of her hospitalization this past January, the princess has made one public appearance as she was photographed in the passenger seat of a car driven by her mother last week. But the grainy photo didn't quell public intrigue.

Also not helping is the fact that Middleton had been expected to return to her royal duties around Easter, per an earlier statement shared by Kensington Palace. But in the weeks since that announcement, her first post-surgery engagement was removed from the official calendar, prompting even more questions about the status of her recovery.

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