FEB 19 - MAR 20

In the Spotlight

You’re in the top spot as December gets underway, Pisces. With a focus on your sector of career and ambition, this is a prime time to showcase your skills and abilities. The sun and warrior Mars are in this zone, so you’ll be ready to blaze a new trail. This is an opportunity to do things you’ve never tried before and go places you’ve never been before. If you meet with a challenge, you’ll enjoy testing yourself and diving into this new experience. And if you play your cards right, things could turn out much better than you expect.

Lovely Venus moves into Scorpio and your travel and adventure zone on December 4, which can increase your appetite for life. You’ll be ready to embrace new experiences whether this involves journeying to other countries, studying, or doing something else that requires a leap of faith.

The new moon in Sagittarius on the twelfth brings the option of a fresh start. You’ll be eager to explore a path that appeals to you, and this is a good time to go ahead. You’ll also be ready to embrace opportunities that might not guarantee success but do fill you with enthusiasm nonetheless. Your go-getter approach could reward you well.

The sun’s move into Capricorn and your social zone on December 21 occurs just in time for the holiday week. You’ll be ready to let your hair down and have a blast. However, as Capricorn is a very organized and dutiful sign, you’ll also be ready to do your fair share of work behind the scenes. Your efforts can help make sure every event is a great success.

Finally, get ready for the full moon in Cancer and your leisure zone on the twenty-sixth, because it could coincide with a dreamy date and the possibility of a romantic meeting. Feelings that have been bubbling away beneath the surface could come pouring out, and the atmosphere could get quite emotional.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe