MAY 21 - JUN 20

Good Connections

Gemini, the solar eclipse and supermoon on December 4 get the month off to a sparkling start. This potent lunar phase can encourage you to firm up certain bonds and perhaps cut ties with others. This could see the start of a new romance or an opportunity to take a current relationship in a new direction.

Up to the twenty-first, teamwork and cooperation can help you make positive progress. But the eclipse hints that one relationship may stand out, and you’ll be ready to give it special attention.

Canny Mercury, your personal planet, moves into Capricorn and a transformational zone on December 13, perhaps encouraging you to talk about any issues or get some advice if needed.

Meanwhile, fiery Mars zips into Sagittarius, also on the thirteenth, adding extra spice to your relationships. Its presence here could cause quite a stir and encourage you to be more adventurous in your associations and friendships.

The full moon in your sign on December 18 could bring feelings to the surface that you may have pushed aside. Now is the time to acknowledge them. If you need to talk, wait a day or two until you feel calm and then any discussions will be more productive.

Lovely Venus enters her retrograde phase in your sector of business and shared assets on the nineteenth, which hints at delays, a change of plan, or even a change of heart.

The sun’s move into Capricorn on December 21 puts the spotlight on financial and business affairs as well as deep emotional bonds. With this sector emphasized over the coming four weeks and for some time to come, you could gain some useful insights.

Sobering Saturn’s angle with maverick Uranus on the twenty-third is the third one this year, and it could see the culmination of a sequence of events or process that coincides with a breakthrough.

Finally, Jupiter moves into Pisces on December 28, which can pave the way for some wonderful opportunities going into the new year.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe