SEP 23 - OCT 22

Good Communication

Libra, the month begins with a powerful solar eclipse and supermoon in the sign of Sagittarius on December 4. This could coincide with a brilliant idea or a conversation that paves the way for a better future. And this might come out of the blue and be something you weren’t expecting at all. It could take you out of your comfort zone, but the rewards will be well worth it.

And there’s more as fiery Mars moves into Sagittarius on the thirteenth, making the coming six weeks or so excellent for brainstorming, networking, and increasing your online presence. Whatever your plans, this lively planet can give you the energy to turn them into reality.

Savvy Mercury moves into your home zone, also on December 13, encouraging you to get organized and plan ahead for the holidays and the new year. Getting your thoughts down on paper and putting events and deadlines on a calendar can help you navigate this time with greater ease.

Sweet Venus, your guide planet, turns retrograde on the nineteenth and remains so until January 29, 2022. This occurs in the sign of Capricorn and your home zone, which could cause you to wonder about certain relationships.

The sun’s move into Capricorn on December 21 shines a light on family matters and gives a boost of energy to any holiday plans. It’s also a call to relax and enjoy some pampering whenever possible.

The days around the twenty-third could be interesting because sobering Saturn angles toward maverick Uranus for the third time this year. You’ll get a chance to gain a fresh perspective on matters that can encourage the process of change to continue. The path to freedom is gradually widening.

In addition, philosophical Jupiter moves into dreamy Pisces on December 28, bringing a boost to your energy level as well as the potential for new opportunities.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe