JUN 21 - JUL 22

Shift in Lifestyle

You’ll be excited about making changes to your lifestyle, Cancer, especially with the radiant sun and feisty Mars helping to stir things up. The sun gives you a chance to take stock by shining a light on your current situation and inspiring you to rethink your priorities. What matters most to you? This is your chance to jettison those activities that aren’t helping you and get moving on those that can help you accomplish your goals.

The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 makes this the perfect time to kick-start new habits. And whether they’re related to your health or overall productivity, the moon tide will help build momentum.

Also on the twelfth, messenger Mercury turns retrograde for around three weeks in your partnership zone. It will push ahead on January 1, 2024, just in time to get the new year off to a positive start.

On December 21, the sun glides into Capricorn for a four-week stay, encouraging you to network with others, work on teams, or otherwise collaborate. It isn’t such a great time to go solo, because you’ll fare better working alongside others. You might need to compromise to reach any agreements, but whatever works for all is going to be a wise choice.

The full moon in your sign on the twenty-sixth spans your relationship axis and could be emotional. It might bring up some issues that have been swept under the carpet. There could be a temptation to give in to the feelings of the moment, whatever they may be, so be aware of this if you need to make an informed decision.

Finally, Jupiter turns direct in Taurus and your social zone on December 30, which means your efforts from previous weeks and months can now begin to bear fruit.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe