JUN 21 - JUL 22

Dreams Come True

There’s an emphasis on your social zone this month, Cancer, which means it looks like an exciting month for getting out and about. The sun in this sector until May 21 can be a call to connect with kindred spirits and move in new circles. It’s also a chance to bring a dream to life, and you might want to make it even bigger and more exciting than when you originally conceived of it. You’ll also enjoy working as part of a team or on a group project to accomplish good things for your community.

There is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio and across your social axis on the fifth, and this could bring on some intense feelings. This eclipse could signal the start of a passionate love affair or creative endeavor that you’re eager to get involved with. Be sure that whatever you direct your energy toward will benefit you. It might be difficult to back out once you’ve made a commitment.

Talkative Mercury turns direct in Taurus on May 14, bringing an end to any confusion or mixed messages you might have experienced. The coming days will encourage more clarity, and if there have been any arguments, it will be easier to make amends.

The exciting news is that generous Jupiter moves into Taurus on the sixteenth for a stay of around a year. Opportunities will come through mixing and mingling, connecting with like-minded others, and getting involved in clubs and groups that interest you. You’ll be in demand.

Feisty Mars moves into Leo and your personal financial sector on May 20. It’s time for a clean sweep and a chance to take back control of your money.

Finally, the sun moves into Gemini on the twenty-first, and you’ll enter a quieter phase. The coming month brings an opportunity to clear out any emotional baggage and tie up loose ends. Your intuition will be at a peak during this time, so be sure to listen to it.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe