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    Reinstated Washington Post Reporter Calls Out Top Editor Marty Baron Over Kobe Bryant Tweet Suspension

    In a defiant public statement Tuesday night, Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez called out Martin Baron, the paper’s top editor, over the decision to suspend her for tweeting a factual article about Kobe Bryant’s 2003 rape case on the day of his death.In her statement Sonmez, who was suspended Monday and reinstated Tuesday afternoon, said that “Post reporters and employees, including myself, deserve to hear directly from Marty Baron on the newspaper’s handling of this matter.” She added that Baron’s conduct in particular has “unfortunately sown confusion” as to whether the paper lives up to its own commitment to truthful journalism.Sonmez concluded her statement by saying she hopes the paper’s leadership “will not only prioritize their employees’ safety in the face of threats of physical harm but also ensure that no journalist will be punished for speaking the truth.”Also Read: Washington Post Reinstates Reporter, Now Says Her Kobe Bryant Tweet Didn't Violate RulesOn Sunday, Sonmez shared a link to a 2016 Daily Beast story detailing the 2003 rape accusation against the Lakers star. Though the case never went to trial, police said evidence was consistent with nonconsensual sex; Bryant ultimately settled with the accuser for an undisclosed sum and publicly apologized to her.Somnez received death threats and was forced to leave her home and stay in a hotel after tweeting about the incident. While this was going on, Baron told Sonmez in an email that by sharing the article, she was “hurting the institution” of the Washington Post. Her suspension was announced soon after.Sonmez’s suspension was widely condemned, including by the Washington Post’s own editorial union, which said in a scathing statement Monday: “We urge The Post to immediately provide Felicia with a security detail and take whatever other steps are necessary to ensure her safety, as it has done in the past when other reporters were subject to threats. The company should issue a statement condemning abuse of its reporters, allow Felicia to return to work, rescind whatever sanctions have been imposed and provide her with any resources she may request as she navigates this traumatic experience.”Also Read: Harvey Weinstein Trial: Accuser's Former Roommate Corroborates Sexual Assault ClaimThe Washington Post has not yet issued a statement condemning threats made against its employees. But in announcing her reinstatement, while the paper conceded that Sonmez “was not in clear and direct violation of our social media policy,” it still attempted to imply she acted inappropriately, calling her tweets “ill-timed.”The Post has not yet responded to a request from the Wrap for comment.Here is Sonmez’s statement in full:“I believe that Washington Post reporters and employees, including myself, deserve to hear directly from Marty Baron on the newspaper’s handling of this matter.Washington Post journalists endeavor to live up to the paper’s mission statement, which states, “The newspaper shall tell ALL the truth so far as it can learn it, concerning the important affairs of America and the world.” My suspension, and Mr. Baron’s Jan. 26 email warning me that my tweets about a matter of public record were “hurting this institution,” have unfortunately sown confusion about the depth of management’s commitment to this goal.I hope Washington Post newsroom leaders will not only prioritize their employees’ safety in the face of threats of physical harm but also ensure that no journalist will be punished for speaking the truth.“Read original story Reinstated Washington Post Reporter Calls Out Top Editor Marty Baron Over Kobe Bryant Tweet Suspension At TheWrap

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    Autistic futures trader who triggered crash spared prison

    A U.S. judge Tuesday sentenced a socially awkward math whiz-turned-futures trader who earned tens of millions of dollars over several years and helped trigger a U.S. stock market “flash crash” from his parents’ suburban London home to time served and a year's home confinement, sparing him imprisonment after prosecutors praised his cooperation and said his crimes were entirely unmotivated by greed. Government prosecutors and defense lawyers described the 41-year-old Navinder Singh Sarao as autistic in memos filed before sentencing in Chicago federal court.

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    Kobe Bryant Crash Site Footage Released

    The NTSB posted new video of investigators on the site of the Jan. 26 helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 9 people.

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    China virus toll passes 130; Japan evacuates citizens

    The death toll from a new coronavirus in China rose sharply to 132 on Wednesday with nearly 1,500 new cases, as Japan said it flew citizens out of Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus. Several countries are trying to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan. A U.S. charter plane departed Wuhan on Wednesday, said a U.S. official, but it was unclesar who was onboard.

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    Prince Andrew Does Nothing to Help the Jeffrey Epstein Investigation. Meanwhile, the Royal Family Burns.

    If you love The Daily Beast’s royal coverage, then we hope you’ll enjoy The Royalist, an all-new members-only series for Beast Inside. Become a member to get it in your inbox on Sunday.Prince Andrew’s working on it.That was the message that Buckingham Palace, in an astonishing display of arrogance, delivered to the world Tuesday morning, after a shocking and unprecedented statement by New York prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who said the prince had offered “zero co-operation” on its investigations into Jeffrey Epstein.Inside the Dramatic Legal Bust-Up That Ended Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s Gross FriendshipAndrew pledged his assistance in a public statement issued as he tried to repair the damage done by his disastrous BBC interview, saying at the time: “I am willing to help any appropriate law-enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.”In the actual interview, he had failed to express regret for his friendship with Epstein, offered a variety of bizarre excuses to deny the claims of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and did not show any form of compassion for her or Epstein’s victims.Prince Andrew: I Didn’t Have Sex With Virginia Roberts Giuffre. I Was Eating Pizza.Officially, the palace is refusing to comment at all, arguing that Andrew, who was stripped of his royal duties last year, is no longer formally represented by the palace. But in a series of off-the-record briefings, journalists were told that the issue was “being dealt with by the Duke of York’s legal team.”Keep calm and carry on, eh?One might almost have thought that the British monarchy had not been a roiling tempest of crisis management for the past six months, so casual has been the response to this latest disaster to afflict the firm.Into the news void left by the palace have leapt celebrity attorneys Lisa Bloom and her mother, Gloria Allred—who between them are representing at least six of Epstein’s alleged victims—and Virginia Roberts Giuffre herself, who alleges she was forced to have sex with Andrew several times and was photographed with him at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house.Bloom told the BBC the alleged victims were “outraged” by the Duke of York not assisting the U.S. authorities and said, “I’m glad that Geoffrey Berman has gone public to try to embarrass Prince Andrew, who made one statement and then behind closed doors is doing something very different. The five Epstein victims who I represent are outraged and disappointed at Prince Andrew's behavior here. “If Prince Andrew truly has done nothing wrong, then it’s incumbent upon him to go and speak to the FBI at a time that’s convenient for him and say what he knows. Perhaps he can help bring other people to justice.”Allred said Tuesday morning that she had sent a letter to Prince Andrew’s home urging him to co-operate, but hadn’t received a response.She told BBC Radio 4’s Today, “No response is the same as zero co-operation. This is ridiculous. It’s just not acceptable. Prince Andrew has a moral obligation to volunteer to speak to law enforcement—that’s what he said he would do.”One can only wonder how the Queen, 93, and Prince Philip, 98, must be feeling at the speed with which their children have destroyed the royal virtues of discretion and irreproachability. The announcement in New York came after several incidents that showed Andrew had not lost the support of his mother, despite the allegations being made against him.He has been pictured attending church with her, riding on the Windsor Great Park estate, and journalists have been briefed that Andrew has been supporting his mother through the turmoil of Harry and Meghan’s departure from the royal family.As a reminder, here’s Andrew reluctantly promising to help out if “push came to shove.” That moment has, surely, arrived.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.