Jade Empire [Original Video Game Soundtrack]

Jade Empire [Original Video Game Soundtrack]

2005 action role-playing video game
Jade Empire is an action role-playing game developed by BioWare, originally published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2005 as an Xbox exclusive. It was later ported to Microsoft Windows personal computers and published by 2K in 2007.Wikipedia
GenreSoundtracks , Film Score , Classical , Stage & Screen , Video Game Music
Release DateJune 14, 2005
ArtistJack Wall


  • 1Jade Empire, video game music~The Way of the Open PalmJack Wall (composer)1:37
  • 2Jade Empire, video game music~Jade Empire Main ThemeJack Wall (composer)2:57
  • 3Jade Empire, video game music~Hills and Fields/Dance of the Babbling Brook/Fallow GroundJack Wall (composer)5:13
  • 4Jade Empire, video game music~Fist/Test Your MettleJack Wall (composer)2:49
  • 5Jade Empire, video game music~Dawn Star ThemeJack Wall (composer)1:12
  • 6Jade Empire, video game music~The Tea HouseJack Wall (composer)1:42
  • 7Jade Empire, video game music~Fury, Hammer and TongsJack Wall (composer)3:05
  • 8Jade Empire, video game music~Anthem of the TyrantJack Wall (composer)2:37
  • 9Jade Empire, video game music~Buried Secrets/WhispersJack Wall (composer)3:21
  • 10Jade Empire, video game music~Mischief in the MarshJack Wall (composer)1:43
  • 11Jade Empire, video game music~Empire at WarJack Wall (composer)3:02
  • 12Jade Empire, video game music~Death's Hand SuiteJack Wall (composer)3:54
  • 13Jade Empire, video game music~A Night OutJack Wall (composer)1:37
  • 14Jade Empire, video game music~Fires of ChaosJack Wall (composer)1:27
  • 15Jade Empire, video game music~House of Spirits/The Dark LandJack Wall (composer)3:18
  • 16Jade Empire, video game music~Metropolis 1 and 2Jack Wall (composer)3:20
  • 17Jade Empire, video game music~3 WindsJack Wall (composer)2:47
  • 18Jade Empire, video game music~Ballad of the Drunken RevelersJack Wall (composer)1:47
  • 19Jade Empire, video game music~Call to VictoryJack Wall (composer)1:37
  • 20Jade Empire, video game music~Into the FrayJack Wall (composer)3:26
  • 21Jade Empire, video game music~The WaterdragonJack Wall (composer)2:35
  • 22Jade Empire, video game music~Last Rites/InternmentJack Wall (composer)3:10
  • 23Jade Empire, video game music~Silk Fox ThemeJack Wall (composer)1:14
  • 24Jade Empire, video game music~Wine and WomenJack Wall (composer)1:34
  • 25Jade Empire, video game music~Lost in the Wilds/The HuntJack Wall (composer)3:28
  • 26Jade Empire, video game music~Sky ThemeJack Wall (composer)1:08
  • 27Jade Empire, video game music~TributeJack Wall (composer)1:38
  • 28Jade Empire, video game music~Rending of FleshJack Wall (composer)2:05
  • 29Jade Empire, video game music~Soaring/StormcloudsJack Wall (composer)2:11
  • 30Jade Empire, video game music~Torment/The Way of the Closed FistJack Wall (composer)2:49
  • 31Jade Empire, video game music~SanctuaryJack Wall (composer)1:43

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