NOV 22 - DEC 21

Onward and Upward

You’re in the mood to travel and adopt an easygoing lifestyle, Sag, but you’re also eager to focus on your goals and ambitions. This is a time of learning as well as applying your knowledge to succeeding and making more money.

The sun in your sector of far horizons is helpful for moving out of your comfort zone and exploring new options. If you have big plans, get crucial information from experts who can give you tips and tricks to get there faster. If you need a life coach or business coach, now is the time to apply.

Are you ready to take things to the next level? The new moon in Leo on August 8 is at your service. Launch products, plan a trip, start a course, or explore an exciting opportunity.

As of the eleventh you’ll be in the mood for discussions that can help set ideas in motion. Logical Mercury’s move into Virgo and your career zone is great for planning, organizing, and getting others on board with key projects.

On August 15, sweet Venus adds sparkle to your social sector, rejuvenates friendships, and inspires you to connect with others on your wavelength.

There’s a full moon in Aquarius on the twenty-second, and you could get quite emotional about something. Perhaps you’ve been suppressing your feelings about it for some time. Allow yourself to acknowledge them because they may have something important to tell you. If you listen, you’ll sense what to do next and any issues can be resolved much sooner.

Finally, the radiant sun moves into Virgo and your sector of career and ambition, also on August 22, and its four-week stay here can illuminate fresh ideas and opportunities and help you get your plans in order. Try not to be too critical of yourself, because this could cause doubts and lead to analysis paralysis. It’s better to try than to tie yourself in knots.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe