JUL 23 - AUG 22

Taking the Lead

Leo, the sun in your sign until August 22 encourages you to focus on yourself, your needs and your desires. You are in a great position to make an impression and extend your personality and talents beyond your usual boundaries. The more you put yourself out there, the more influence you’ll have in your current sphere and beyond.

You’ll also benefit from the presence of Venus moving into your sign on the eleventh, which can give you confidence when dealing with others. If you’re ready to give yourself a makeover to impress someone or take further steps up the career ladder, go for it at this time.

You’ll also need to reckon with the full moon in Aquarius on that same day, which could intensify feelings around relationships. An issue could come to a head, especially if it’s been swept under the carpet. You’ll also be more aware of how you really feel about contractual agreements, vows and promises. You might have some objections to a few.

As of August 20, you could be more active socially as fiery Mars powers into Gemini for a long stay of around eight months, during which time it will turn retrograde. This proactive phase could find you busy making new connections and linking up with others who are on your wavelength.

Finances become even more of a focus as the sun moves into Virgo for a stay of four weeks, starting on the twenty-second. You’ll have a chance to chart your spending and find ways to improve your affairs so that you feel like you’re completely in control.

Messenger Mercury moves into Libra on August 25, making the coming weeks an excellent time for discussions and negotiations.

Finally, the Virgo new moon on the twenty-seventh brings added momentum if you’re ready to start a side hustle or new business. With good research, you’ll soon be up and running. If you’re eager to start some cost-cutting measures and adopt new financial habits, go for it now.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe