JUL 23 - AUG 22

Back on Track

Leo, the sun and communicator Mercury in Virgo this month are great for taking stock of your financial situation and making some helpful decisions. This is a good time to deal with any issues that have cropped up recently, especially if you’ve felt a lack of control. Attention to detail and the creation of a budget or accounting system that can help you stay on track would be something that frees you up and leaves you feeling much less anxious. When you know where you are, you can plan and make informed decisions.

Lovely Venus turns direct in your sign on September 3, which is good news for you because you can regain your confidence and outgoing personality. Any doubts you had about yourself will begin to dissipate.

Lively Mercury is retrograde until the fifteenth, so if you need to purchase any big-ticket items like a new gadget or car, be sure to keep the receipts and paperwork.

The new moon in Virgo on September 14 aligns with scintillating Uranus in a high-flying zone. This is a good time for new initiatives, especially those connected with starting your own business or a side hustle. A sound strategy for increasing your income combined with one or two brilliant ideas could see you doing well.

The sun’s move into Libra and your sector of talk and thought on the twenty-second means the coming month could be filled with positive exchanges and exciting developments. With dynamic Mars already in this zone, you’ll be eager to negotiate and close deals. You’ll also be ready to put energy into plans related to study, the Internet, and anything to do with communication and social media.

Finally, there’s a full moon in Aries on September 29, and you could feel quite restless and eager to get away from it all. If you do have the opportunity to take a short break, go for it. You’ll enjoy the chance to unwind and reflect on life in soothing surroundings.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe