JUN 21 - JUL 22

Good Communication

As this month gets underway, Cancer, you might be busy dealing with admin; sharing your message with the world; working on Internet projects, blogs, and websites; and perhaps learning more about creative writing or starting a novel. Networking with kindred spirits can also be very important at this time.

There’s a new moon in Virgo on September 6 that is the ideal time to kick-start anything new, whether it’s an exciting project or the further development of something you’re already working on. If you need to declutter your office and get into better work habits, this is the time to make a start.

However, passions may be aroused as luscious Venus moves into sizzling Scorpio and your sector of creativity and romance on the tenth. A budding relationship could go from strength to strength, or you could become quite passionate about a hobby or new interest.

There is also a lot of activity at home for the whole month, particularly when feisty Mars moves into this zone on September 14. A new broom sweeps clean, and this dynamic planet could inspire you to give your place a makeover as well as encourage you to get rid of anything you no longer need.

Even so, with a full moon in mysterious Pisces and your sector of travel and adventure on the twentieth, you might yearn to get away from it all. If a situation is coming to a head, you may feel that a break and a chance to unwind will help you resolve it more easily.

When the sun glides into Libra on September 22 it’s time to nurture yourself and enjoy some self-care. If you’ve been busy, don’t ignore this opportunity to recharge your batteries.

Finally, dealmaker Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on the twenty-sixth, so it would be best to avoid starting work on your house or doing any buying or selling until after October 18 when this phase will be over.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe