Dog Dad Lists 5 Ways Dogs Show They’re Bonded to Their Humans

How do you know that your dog loves you and is completely bonded with you? Luna the Mini Cockapoo's dad Jared has it figured out, and he recently shared the Top 5 ways that let you know when your dog is bonded with you.

Dog dad Jared shared the list in mid-January 2024, and it seems pretty accurate. If you're a dog owner, you'll be nodding your head after he lists each one. Not only does he tell us what your dog does to show you that they love you, but he also explains the why behind it. The third one actually made me tear up!

@Luna's dad's list seems spot on! After seeing every one of them, I was saying to myself, yep, that makes sense. Dogs do follow their humans around because they want to be close to's like having a toddler in the house! The sleeping on their tummies and sleeping with you are both so accurate, as is the staring at each other. My favorite though was how they sit on your clothes or on anything that's near you a lot. Scent is so important to dogs! I remember before we brought our babies home from the hospital (all three are teens now) we took a blanket home to the dogs so that they could learn the baby's scent and would already know them when we came home with each of them. The dogs wanted to sleep with those blankets for months, proof that the bond starts immediately.

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Other Ways Dogs Express Their Love

Out of the nearly 800 comments left after watching the video, @Vicki had my favorite when she said, "This is so my dog, but paired with this music I just wanna cry." The music got me too! And cat was so right when she said simply, "We don’t deserve them". That unconditional love is so deep and so pure; we really don't deserve them!

While all of the signs in the video explain how our dogs bond with us, I think that 'bond' is really just about how they show their love. And there are other ways they show their love as well. Have you ever noticed that your dog will sometimes lean into you? Ours seemed to do this at the most inopportune times, like when I was cooking or trying to clean. This is a sign of comfort and security for them, and I always reminded myself of that.

Does your dog bring you their favorite toy or steal your socks (any clothing really) and carry it around? Both are other ways that they show their love. When your dog licks you, it's like giving you a kiss! And while your dog jumping on you may be something you train them not to do, this is also a way they show their love - it's like a hug.

Dogs communicate with us and express their emotions in so many different ways! The love we feel for our pets is as strong as those we feel for the people in our lives that we love. They truly are a special part of the family.

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