Bond Between Formerly Feral Cat and the Volunteer Who Gained His Trust Is Beautiful to See

Speaking as a dog person, I didn't give cats enough credit until recently. I haven't ever had a cat of my own, and it took quite a few years before I started to meet kitties who were just as loving and friendly as I'd heard about. But now, I know just how sweet, playful, and hilarious they can be!

Of course, not every feline has learned to be comfortable and trusting around humans. Many stray cats and feral cats require weeks, if not months, of consistency and patience to start feeling safe around a person, but the slow work is oh-so-worth it.

Just ask The Last Chance Cat Ranch and their volunteer, Heather! She's been spending lots of time with Amiri the rescue cat, and now the formerly feral boy trusts her enough to indulge in cuddles. If you think that sounds sweet, just wait until you see the bond they have!

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Aww! This adorable tuxedo cat must really trust Heather if he's comfortable getting up close and personal like he did. He wasn't even bothered when another shelter cat approached, so I can only imagine what a happy kitty Amiri is now that he's experienced care and love.

"OMG," gushes commenter @locknlover, "the head butt is a sign of trust and love." It sure is! Some cat body language may not be so obvious to read, but Amiri's love sure is. He gets close to Heather, keeps his body relaxed, and remains curious and engaged. Clearly, these two are already the best of friends!

Another commenter agrees, explaining, "If you gain trust with a feral cat, that cat with be so faithful. I'm glad she was there when he needed her." So am I! This cat's life has changed forever thanks to Heather's kindness and patience. Maybe--just maybe--he'll end up going home with her, too! @Last_chance_cat_ranch told a commenter that she's currently talking to her husband about a furry new addition to the family, and we sure hope that works out. He clearly adores her!

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