Video of Dog Treating Baby Like a 'Squeaky Toy' Is Going Viral

The baby seemed totally unfazed.

We're always impressed with how dogs act with babies. They're sweet, loving and oh-so gentle with the tiny humans. There are even times when the dogs think babies are their new playmates and it's adorable. But, someone needs to tell dogs that they need to be patient with babies. They'll be able to throw the ball back soon enough, we promise. LOL!

In a recent clip from TikTok user @dominiqueeeeeeee, which has over 6 million views in the first couple of days of being posted, the dog totally thought the baby was a squeaky toy. The way he poked the baby's tummy with his snoot is cracking us up. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! No wonder this is going viral. It's insanely adorable! He totally was trying to get the baby to make the squeaky noise toys make. And before any Karens come out, the creator wrote in the comment section, "My dog is harmless with her. It was curiosity - he does this to me and my husband. He’s a loving and cuddly pup! Everyone is safe here." See? Nothing wrong with a curious doggo!

"He is just practicing CPR," said @aasshhyy12. That's exactly what this dog is doing! He's just staying on top of his game and preparing himself for anything that might happen. We love a protective dog! Or maybe this dog was doing what @phoenix_289 commented, "He’s just helping push the gas out!" HA! Hey, a win is a win!

Another TikTok user, @aiza02_, wrote what the dog was thinking. It reads, "Mom, it's broken. It doesn't squeak." LOL! This just means the dog needs extra toys until the baby is big enough to play with him!

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