Video of Golden Retriever Stealing Baby's Socks Reminds Us Why Dogs Are the Best

Winston thought he could get away with it!

Your dog might be a good boy or girl, but that doesn't mean that they're good all the time. In fact, sometimes they are downright naughty. Like one Golden Retriever on TikTok who was caught stealing his infant brother's socks not just once, but twice by his mom.

Ashley Huseby (@elitharia) managed to capture the hilarious moment that her dog Winston became a sock thief and later shared it on her page. 

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You can see the exact second that Winston realized that he was caught. Huseby probably thought she stopped her dog once and for all, but then the video cuts to a Winston trying to steal the baby's sock for a second time. "Winston loves stealing his brothers socks and drowning him with kisses," she wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "Mom!!! He doesn't want the socks on!! I'm being helpful (plus I want them!!)!!!" @user4725393575041 joked as if reading Winston's mind. "He only had one on so I took the other one off," @donnalind462 teased. "Your baby is going to think Winston is his name!" @ashlynn_sugarplum joked. 

Baby brother probably needs to nap with one eye open. 

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