Golden Retriever Gives Dad the Ultimate Side-Eye and It's Priceless

People can't stop laughing at this.

Dogs have no problem expressing how they're feeling. Their body language says it all. Tails wag when they're excited and happy. Their ears pinned back might mean they're scared. And sometimes, a dog's eyes will be enough to show you how they're really feeling.

At least that's how it is for one of TikTok's beloved Golden Retrievers, @adventuringwithnala. This adorable dog known for her stomps is clearly not happy with her dad at the moment. The look she gives him is cracking us up. Check it out!

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O.M.G. She has completely mastered the side-eye and it's absolutely priceless! But the real question is, what did this owner do to make Nala give the ultimate side-eye?! Whatever the owner did, we are totally siding with Nala. It's her world and we're just living in it! LOL!

"She is so over you at the moment," said @terriguiles. Oh, you think?! She's not going to forget about whatever he did for as long as she lives. LOL! @karminrenee added, "I love you guys. You took all her socks didn't you?" How dare he take her beloved socks! If that's what he did, he needs to return them immediately so Nala can continue to play.

@sarasmile1977 wrote, "Looking like a librarian that has had enough." HA! That description is spot on! And everyone knows not to mess with a librarian, therefore no one should mess with Nala. "She mad at you for something. But she officially owns the side eye! It's too perfect," commented @itsonlynoemy. We wish we could have such a powerful side eye like Nala!

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