Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate Went to the Movies Together, So We Can Safely Assume She’s Having His Baby (Right?)

Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate leave the Cinerama Dome together on June 10
Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate were spotted leaving the Cinerama Dome theater in Hollywood together on June 10. (Photo: Cousart/JFXimages/

Does this spell the end of Jon Hamm’s sucky single days?

The Mad Men alum, who just lamented the downside of dating, was photographed leaving the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood with Jenny Slate on Saturday. The probably “just friends” pair weren’t trying to go incognito (it’s not like they pulled a Spicer and tried to hide behind a bush); they just walked out of the theater together side by side. And, for the record, there was no PDA. Well, none that the photographer caught.

Hamm and Slate certainly know each other — they both appeared in the film Aardvark, which was in the Tribeca Film Festival in April. She played a therapist who had a (questionable) romp with a client’s brother (Hamm), who played a famous TV star. (FWIW, Slate met her last boyfriend, Chris Evans, on a set.)

Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate on their movie outing
Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate went to the movies. (Photo: Cousart/JFXimages/

Slate and the newly sober Hamm have known each other since at least 2010, when he was a guest star on Saturday Night Live and she was (briefly) in the cast. But they’ve been snapped at several events this year, including the Independent Spirit Awards in February, an event at the Paley Center in April, and the Audible launch event for Dr. Katz: The Audio Files last Tuesday. (Slate and Evans broke up in January.)

If they have something romantic happening, they’re both freed up to do so. Slate ended her four-year marriage to Dean Fleischer-Camp last May and rebounded with Evans, though that didn’t last (but they were supernice and grown-up about it). For his part, Hamm recently told InStyle that dating again after ending his nearly two-decades-long relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt in 2015 “sucks.”

But could it be that bad, Jon Hamm? Even if this thing with Slate is a friendship, there is a long list of other interesting beauties who may be interested. The line forms behind Kate Beckinsale.

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