Ferrari FF, the world’s fastest mulch hauler: Motoramic TV

July 9, 2012

If there's a downside to being super-rich, it's that you become easily bored. You commute to your office via submarine or hot-air balloon; you start a llama ranch in Wyoming and hire James Earl Jones to read you the newspaper. In that sort of context, what are you going to park in the garage? You'll want something intriguing, something genre-defying, but at the top of the market car companies understandably tend to play it safe.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, but it's ultimately a superbly tailored sedan. A Lamborghini Aventador is a howling carbon-fiber spear of insanity, but it hews to the two-seat mid-engine supercar format that's been prevalent since the 1960s. At the $300,000-plus price point, you don't roll the dice. Except Ferrari did exactly that with the FF.

Its performance stats say supercar: 651-hp V-12, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, 208 mph top speed. But the spec sheet also specifies room for four adults and their luggage, a power-operated hatchback and all-wheel-drive—the stuff of your standard luxury crossover. Nobody's yet combined those attributes in a single car, and therein lies the genius of the FF: it's unexpected.

Ferrari could've built a traditional grand tourer, but instead they designed this fascinatingly offbeat machine that sounds like an F1 car, handles snow like a Ski-Doo and looks like nothing else on the road. It's awesome. And it's definitely the coolest way to get four people to the llama ranch.