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Atlanta backs off naming “Ferdinand Porsche Ave.” after Nazi past remembered


Atlanta backs off naming “Ferdinand Porsche Ave.” after Nazi past rememberedTo honor the new headquarters and test track built by Porsche's North American arm, Atlanta city officials were preparing to rename the site's street address from Henry Ford II Avenue to Ferdinand Porsche Avenue, in honor of the company's founder. Or at least they were until someone brought up that Ferdinand Porsche was Adolf Hitler's favorite engineer, who designed tanks for the Nazis during World War II and used forced labor in his plants. (That's Porsche in the dark suit above.) None of this was a secret, and the modern Porsche conglomerate has been forward about making amends for the past, but according to Creative Loafing, Atlanta civic leaders will amend their plans and call it just "Porsche Avenue." Southerners do know how to make people feel welcome.