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  • Multiple reports say AirPods 3 with brand new features will be released this year

    Apple unveiled the AirPods 2 earlier this month, and a few days later it surprised us all with the Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds. But a new report says the iPhone maker isn't stopping here when it comes to launching new wireless earphones. According to multiple reports, lans to release third-generation AirPods by the end of the year, complete with new features.Sources said to be familiar with the matter have told Digitimes that AirPods 3 will feature noise cancellation support. The pair of wireless earbuds is expected to start selling by the end of 2019. Taiwan's Inventec is expected to be the main assembler of AirPods 3, with some orders going to Luxshare Precision -- the two suppliers currently share AirPods 2 orders.Apple is supposedly looking to raise the bar to meet challenges from rivals, and that's why it's creating new features for the AirPods 3 model including the noise cancellation function. The report notes that several smartphone makers, including Huawei and Xiaomi, as well as other tech companies, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are working on their own wireless headphones.Noise cancellation isn't a new feature for headphones, the report notes, but it's a technology that's "hard to harness" in cord-free earbuds, according to Digitimes. On the one hand, semiconductor devices can hardly work without suffering electromagnetic disturbance, and on the other hand, how the structural design of the noise forward feedback microphone can be done well to achieve harmonious operation with other devices is a great challenge for designers and assemblers.The report also says that noise cancellation will consume more power, which is something Apple will have to address.Interestingly, Digitimes says that the AirPods 3's design will make assembly a more complicated job. It's unclear from this report whether the earphones will have a different look than the previous two models. But Digitimes isn't the only source claiming new AirPods hardware is on the way. Well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo also said in a note to investors (via 9to5Mac) that Apple will launch two new AirPods models in the fourth quarter of 2019. He says one of these models will look exactly like AirPods 2 and keep the same price point, while the second would offer a new form factor, and it'll cost more.Kuo hasn't revealed details about any new AirPods 3 features, but he did say that Apple will change how both models are manufactured, moving to a system-in-package design that can improve yields, save space, and lower costs.

  • Twitter CEO Gently Tells Trump: Your 'Lost' Followers Are Bots and Spam Accounts

    Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Photos GettyOn Tuesday, President Trump hosted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the Oval Office for a closed-door meeting, during which the leader of the free world spent an inordinate amount of time complaining about lost Twitter followers, according to a source familiar with the conversation.The Twitter chief, for his part, tried to reassure the president that the company’s staff merely wants his follower count to be as bot-free as possible.This is what the most powerful person in the world was preoccupied with Tuesday.A large percentage of the meeting, which included senior White House officials such as Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino, was spent addressing the subject of @realDonaldTrump’s follower count. The president stated his belief that he had lost some of his roughly 59 million followers in anti-Trump, anti-conservative Twitter purges, according to a source familiar with the meeting. Dorsey, according to this knowledgeable source, had to explain to the president that like other Twitter users, @realDonaldTrump periodically loses followers when the site deletes fake or bot accounts. Dorsey even said he himself had lost followers as a result of Twitter’s efforts to delete fake accounts.During this private gathering in the West Wing, Dorsey assured Trump that the company wants him, and everyone else on Twitter, to have only real followers, according to the source.Trump also said he’s heard from other prominent conservatives about problems with Twitter, though he declined to name names.The summit with Twitter’s CEO is unlikely to assuage the president’s concerns about tech giants and social media, of which he has many. Two people close to Trump previously told The Daily Beast that Trump has repeatedly griped to associates about how his predecessor, President Obama, has had more Twitter followers than he has, even though-by Trump’s own assessment-he is so much better at Twitter than Obama is.The Washington Post first reported that the president devoted much of the White House meeting to grumbling about his Twitter followers. Earlier in the day, Motherboard broke the news that Trump and Dorsey were meeting on Tuesday. Dorsey also used the meeting to promote Twitter’s efforts to fight opioid addiction, which include using a special emoji to promote National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. It is unclear how interested Trump was in discussing those efforts, at least compared to his time spent inquiring about the alleged purging of his followers.Beyond confirming that the meeting had indeed occurred, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not respond to The Daily Beast’s follow-up questions as of press time.The discussion came a few hours after early morning tweets from the president accusing Twitter of playing “political games” with his follower count and calling for congressional intervention against the company. “Constantly taking people off list,” Trump tweeted. “Big complaints from many people.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here

  • Watch the Easter Bunny throw punches in a street brawl, because Florida

    Of all the holidays on the U.S. calendar, Easter is definitely one of the most low-key. Families gather, eat some ham, and maybe the kids hunt for colored eggs or eat a bunch of candy, but it's generally pretty chill. That is, unless you're in Florida, where being in the holiday spirit and donning an Easter Bunny costume doesn't stop anyone from getting into a heated street brawl in Orlando.A video, which was first posted by Instagram user Workfth but subsequently removed due to a perceived "community guidelines" violation, shows a friendly Easter Bunny getting right in the middle of a physical altercation between two men on a busy street. Curses are yelled, punches are thrown, and our furry friend is right there in the thick of it all.Posted again by a different user, the video can be seen below (until Instagram inevitably removes it yet again).'s difficult to parse what exactly is happening here but it's clear that the two men fighting at the beginning of the clip have a very big problem with one another. The bunny arrives late to the brawl but manages to get a few jabs and hooks in anyway, landing repeated blows on one of the men before police arrive and break things up.Once tempers die down a bit the bunny becomes an instant celebrity and proceeds to shadowbox to the amusement of the gathered spectators. Hilariously, despite throwing repeated punches with a police officer standing just feet away, the bunny sidesteps any reprimand while the cop sorts things out between the two original combatants.It's a lovely little video and further proof that Florida is a treasure that should be cherished and appreciated for the entertainment it gives us all.

  • Aunt Discovers Niece 'Breastfeeds' Her 5-Month-Old Brother for a Heartbreaking Reason

    What should've been sweet memories turned into startling family drama after a woman recently learned the truth about what her niece and nephew go through at the hands of their mom. While everyone was together at her parents' house, the anonymous aunt went to pop into the next room and check on the 8-year-old girl and 5-month-old boy. Thanks to her niece's innocent admission, this aunt is furious and doesn't know what to do next.