• A Same-Sex Couple Faces Anti-Gay Vandalism as They Fight 'Devastating' Lawsuit from Neighbors

    Keith Davis and David Ruth couldn't wait to move their family into their new home. "When we drove through the neighborhood, we loved everything," says Davis, 36, who bought his home in Avondale, Pennsylvania, with his partner in October 2014. "A lot of other homes in the neighborhood have fences, so at the time I thought he was just upset that my property line went all the way up to his house," Davis tells PEOPLE.

  • "Shark Tank" Star Reveals #1 Mortgage Payoff Tip

    If you're over 40 years old and you own a home, you need to read this. (It's not what you think!)

  • This pregnant mom fights back after being shamed for her muscular baby bump

    The online world has a strange obsession with women’s baby bumps. This is something 33-year-old fitness professional Oxana Rumyantseva knows to be true. Commenters have written that Oxana looks too skinny to be pregnant, insisting that she’s “starving the baby” and “being selfish” for keeping up a fitness regimen.

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  • News anchor slips from waterfall, dies day before 25th birthday

    Local morning news anchor Taylor Terrell died Thursday after falling from the peak of a waterfall in North Carolina on the evening before her 25th birthday, officials said. Terrell, of Conyers, anchored 41NBC News at Daybreak and 41Today. “Taylor was a hard worker with a bright smile. She rose through the ranks from intern to reporter, to weekend anchor, to morning anchor and was eager to prepare for her next chapter,” News Director Brandon Long wrote in an email to The Telegraph. “This is a devastating loss for us here at 41NBC and most definitely for her family.” In celebration of her birthday Friday, Terrell and a friend visited Rainbow Falls, a 150-foot-tall waterfall in North Carolina’s

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  • Millions of Orchids Grow on Former Mine Site in Upstate NY

    Millions of orchids are now growing in a hundred-acre wetland in the Adirondack Park that developed on waste from a vast open-pit iron mine, a transformation scientists say is most impressive because it happened naturally. "It's a testament to nature's ability to heal itself," said Grete Bader, a graduate student who recently wrote her master's thesis about the plant life at the former Benson Mines, about 35 miles from the Canadian border. The wetland is now home to six species of bog orchids, including millions of rose pogonias and grass pinks. "I've been involved in orchid-rich habitats all over the country for 40 years, and I've never seen anything like this," said Donald Leopold, a professor at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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  • Infant on Life Support after Alleged Abuse, Day Care Worker Arrested

    A woman has been booked into Cleveland County, Okla. jail on one count of child abuse. The arrest comes after medical crews were called to a home with an unresponsive four-month-old baby.

  • Summer Topknot How-To

    As told by Jade Kendle of Lipstickncurls.

  • Why Can’t Hillary Stop Fudging the Truth?

    What is it with Hillary Clinton? What is it about this brilliant and accomplished woman-described by Barack Obama as possibly “more qualified” to be president than anyone in history-that makes so many people certain she is an incurable liar? More than anything else about Clinton - her occasional tin ear for politics, her seeming inability to connect with large crowds, her ultra-cautiousness - it is the trust issue that could yet cost her a general election she should otherwise win, given her opponent’s vulnerabilities. Plainly put, Clinton herself has kept the issue alive over 25 years of public life, with long-winded, defensive, obfuscating answers to questions that - in politics, if not in law - cry out for a crisp yes or no reply.

  • Oil is a 'perfect match' to 2008-and a technician says that's not a good thing

    If you're looking for clues as to where oil could be heading next, one technician says to look no further than charts from the financial crisis. In a recent interview with CNBC's "Fast Money," Cornerstone Macro's Carter Worth described the current chart of crude oil as a "perfect match" to that of the turbulent 2008-2009 period.

  • Miss Manners: If two people are dating, they’ll let you know

    July 24 at 12:00 AM Dear Miss Manners: In our group of friends, we have two guys that we assume are dating but who aren’t confirming anything, even though their affection toward each other is really obvious. Is it rude if we ask them about their relationship? Or do we just keep quiet and wait until they admit it themselves? Why do you need to know? Especially as they do not feel the need to tell you? At best, anticipating other people’s announcements deprives them of the pleasure of doing so themselves. At worst, wrong guesses cause embarrassment. Therefore, Miss Manners bans all such questions, including “Are you pregnant?’’ “Did you get into your first-choice college?’’ “When are you two getting

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  • Abandoned Hitler Hospital

    An abandoned German hospital which treated Adolf Hitler had been left to decay since 1994 when the last patients left. Beelitz-Heilsttten admitted wounded German soldiers during the First and Second World Wars, including future Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in 1916. The original grandeur of the 19th century hospital is still striking despite paint peeling from every ceiling and wall. Urban-obsessed photographer, 29-year-old Roman from The Netherlands crept around the complex before work started on renovating the buildings. The hospital in Brandenburg, Germany was designed by the countrys best architects of the time to house 600 elderly patients separated by gender. (Caters) See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr.

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