The Perfect S2000 Is for Sale, But It'll Cost You

Brian Silvestro
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Photo credit: eBay
Photo credit: eBay

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The standard Honda S2000 is one of the greatest modern roadsters. An expertly balanced chassis combined with a high-revving VTEC-equipped engine cemented it in the hearts of countless enthusiasts as the ultimate droptop out of Japan.

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Towards the end of its production run, Honda came out with an even more focused version called the S2000 CR (Club Racer). Around 700 were built, each with a removable hardtop in place of the power-folding soft top to save weight. CRs also got a stiffer suspension, a quicker steering ratio, sticker tires, and more aero bits. The most hardcore track day-goers could even delete the air conditioning and stereo systems from the factory for more weight savings. This is one of 200 examples finished in Apex blue, and it's for sale right now on eBay.

Unlike most CRs, which likely saw plenty of regular performance driving from their first owners, this one seems to have been spared a life of HPDEs and autocrosses. With just 27,000 miles on the clock, it seems to be in fantastic condition, with no visible blemishes inside or out. The paint still carries a smooth, clean finish, and the yellow-trimmed seats are like-new. The engine bay? Spotless.

If you're in the market for a limited-edition sports car that can deliver plenty of smiles and will likely appreciate in value at the same time, a clean S2000 CR like this one is hard to pass up. But it'll cost you a lot more than a normal S2000 in similar condition. The seller is currently asking $64,960 on eBay—nearly double what the car sold for new—for the chance to own it. Whether the extra upgrades and sweet paint job are worth the price is up to you.

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