Diesel Dodge tuned to 1,100 hp smokes a Viper — and the crowd


The TK2K13 festival around Houston this weekend was a mighty melee of speed and misbehavior, and like most matchups of barely street-legal vehicles it sparked more disputes than it settled. The Lamborghini fans came away cheering the Underground Racing-tuned twin-turbo Gallardos, while the Toyota Supra crowd and legion of 1,000-hp Nissan GT-R drivers battled for bragging rights on the drag strip this weekend. (Dyno day was claimed by a Mustang Cobra which clocked 1,222 hp.)

But for sheer entertainment — a quality that's harder to generate than horsepower — few could match a diesel Dodge Ram pickup that had been tuned to more than 1,100 hp and enough torque to twist a sequoia into a wreath. Thanks to 1320video, here's a couple of Ram runs down the dragstrip, first against a supercharged Dodge Viper. It's not for those who worry about clean air.