Scorpions invade southwest Las Vegas valley neighborhoods, residents say

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the temperatures rise, so do bugs. According to residents, there have been some reports of scorpion sightings inside people’s homes, specifically in the Mountain’s Edge and Southern Highlands communities.

Mountain’s Edge resident Cassidy shared that her neighbor was bit just a couple weeks ago in their backyard while hanging out in the jacuzzi.

Another neighbor just down the road from her recalled finding one inside her house.

“We found one on our wall closer to the ceiling,” Sonia Portela shared. “We have animals in the house so it’s always a little scary.”

New father Cameron Gayed found scorpions all over his house, even in his baby’s nursery prior to her being born.

“We found them in every corner,” Gayed added. “Upstairs, downstairs. We just had a newborn so we want to make sure that she is safe and protected, but I would say in the last few years, I’ve probably killed over 22 scorpions.”

Due to so much new housing development around, Gayed believed these Arizona Bark scorpions are being transported in.

“With a lot of these new track homes, these plants are brought in from Arizona and they come over on the palm trees and spread into everything,” he said.

Arizona Bark scorpions are venomous and considered the deadliest kind to humans.

Fortunately, Gayed and his family have pest control, but other neighbors around him do not. He said he feels as if it can only help so much.

“Unless every single neighbor gets pest control, then they’ll always be in the neighborhood. I’ve even asked some of the neighbors about it so some have gotten pest control, but some don’t really care,” he added.

Other than pest control, traps, such as sticky paper, are a good way to prevent these scorpions from living inside of your home.

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