Wildlife Photographer Gets up Close and Personal With a Curious Sea Lion Pup


There's really nothing cuter than baby animals, and this sea lion pup that wildlife photographer @Bertie Gregory captured on film for @National Geographic TV is no exception! NatGeoTV shared the video on Tuesday, October 31st, and I could watch it all day.

The video shows Bertie on the shore of a beach in the Galapagos. He's filming sea lions, and one of the pups is very curious about him. Bertie goes on to say that the pup is pretending not to be interested but keeps getting closer and playing near him. The little pup's hops are just the cutest!

Bertie says that the Galapagos has very strict rules about how close people can get to the sea lions, but that the animals don't understand those rules. Bertie seems to have the coolest job ever! Not only does he get to film some really cool animals, but when they're curious about him he gets to play with them, too!

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Like me, commenters enjoyed the @NatGeoTV video...I just wish it was longer! @soph swooned, "I wanna give it a kiss on the forehead". @The Dog Grooming Nerd said what I was thinking, "I'd be so nervous about mum getting wind of it all and coming over too"! Yeah getting in between a mom and her babies is never a good idea, but the sea lions don't seem to mind that Bertie is there.

Bertie films these animals for a show he has on Disney+, so if you're a fan of his videos like I am, make sure to check it out!

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