Three-Legged Boxer Adorably Tries to Break up a ‘Fight’ Between His Brother and Dad

Every family has at least one peacekeeper - the person who always tries to keep everybody calm and hates when others argue or fight. In the case of Charlie and Alfie's family, that person is Alfie. Both dogs are boxers who were rescued by their dad. Alfie only has three legs, and his dad calls him their tripod dog. They shared a video in mid-April of Alfie's reaction to seeing his dad and brother 'fight', and it's adorable!

The video starts with Dad pretending to shadowbox with Charlie. Charlie seems to be having a good time, but Alfie immediately runs to pick up a toy to try to distract them with. He realizes his distraction method isn't working and moves on to the "Hey Dad watch me!" technique, which also fails. That's when Alfie decides to bring out the big guns. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear Alfie practice his 'scary growls'!

Charlie and Alfie are so cute! This whole video made me smile. In my family, I'm the peacekeeper so I can totally relate to Alfie trying to get the other two to stop fighting! Commenters swooned over the cuteness, and I couldn't help but laugh when @Percy the Great pointed out, "He's a terrible ref LOL!"

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Why You Should Consider Adopting a Dog

Adopting or rescuing a dog - especially one who needs extra care like Alfie- takes a lot of work and patience and can also be very costly. But these are the dogs that nobody wants, and you really have a huge heart if you decide to give one a home. In my experience, adopted dogs make the best's almost like they know that you saved them!

If you're considering bringing home a dog to make part of the family, consider adopting one instead of purchasing one from a breeder or pet shop. There are thousands of dogs looking for homes, especially ones with special needs, adult and senior dogs, and ones that might otherwise never find a home (did you know black dogs are one of the hardest dogs to find homes for?)

Is a rescued dog or special needs dog right for your family? There are several factors to consider, and they are actually the same things to consider when choosing any pet. These dogs often have separation anxiety since they may be dealing trauma from abandonment, abuse, or neglect just to name a few. How long will the dog be alone during the day? Many dogs with anxiety can't deal with being alone for long periods of time. Is doggy daycare an option?

Do you have space for the dog to exercise and play? Do you have children and other pets? Who will be the primary caregiver? These questions may be the same for whatever pet you choose to bring home but are even more important when bringing home a dog that might have other issues they're already dealing with.

That said, if you're willing to put in the time and patience, you might just get the best dog you've ever had...I know that was what happened when we adopted our rescued puppy!

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