Mini Dachshund Refuses to Leave the Bed When ‘Guard Dog’ Services Are Needed

The urge to protect and guard your family is strong in some dogs. But they can't stand guard at all times — right? Especially if the dog is, say, already bundled up and cozy in a bed. One mini Dachshund wasn't going to let a little thing like being in wrapped up in blankets stop him from letting everyone know he was tough.

Chorizo's owner must've been cracking up when she saw her protector leap into action — from inside her bedroom of course.

Not only was the mini Dachshund in bed, he was also deep undercover — we mean, deep under the covers. But he was more than ready to step in when he sensed trouble. The clip that @chorizotheminidachshund shared shows the pup barking from underneath the blankets.

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"Being a guard dog doesn't mean you have to get out of bed," the video's onscreen caption reads. "Staying safe and comfy."

If you ask us any potential threat should be afraid of how soft those blankets look! Commenters online were not surprised that Chorizo was ready to rumble. "Mine literally falls over herself trying to get out of the duvet to bark," joked one person. "I've a Black Lab who does the same, growls and snarls at sounds, but doesn't come out," someone else shared. "Without looking at the description I knew instantly it was a sausage dog," a third person kidded. "Could be any type of dog under there. Might be a massive angry Doberman, the postman doesn’t know," someone else added.

Best Guard Dogs

If you're looking for a dog that can guard and protect there are certain breeds that are better than others. A Dachshund certainly may want to be your protector, but there are other dogs that might have a slight advantage.

Akitas are a great option if you're looking for a dog that will watch over you. These dogs are muscular and are known for being courageous.

Anatolian Shepherds are another good option. These dogs are rugged and are flock guardians. They're also protective, territorial, intelligent, loyal, and patient.

Bullmastiffs are also pretty tough. They are typically very large dogs that are very muscular, and are natural guardians. They're also very loyal to their family and will do whatever they need to to keep them safe.

There are many more breeds that will be your watchdog. Just make sure you train them or get them trained so they can defend you responsibly. You don't want anyone to unnecessarily get hurt.

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