Hammerhead Shark Follows Woman on Stand Up Paddle Board in Florida Waters (Clip)

The shark tales continue.

Just yesterday we reported another recent sighting of a great white cruising the lineup with surfers at Pismo Beach in California. Last week an Australian surfer lost one of his legs after fighting off a great white in New South Wales. And the list goes on.

A recent study revealed that great white sharks are near California surfers 97% of the time. But today, it's a hammerhead shark in Florida waters that's stealing the spotlight.

A user called Science Boy captioned the clip above:

"Teamwork. Watch this crew working together here…During a crossing from the Bahamas to Florida in a recent @crossingforcf event, a paddler found herself being followed by a curious hammerhead."

The video above shows a woman on a stand up paddleboard approaching a boat in very glassy water.

There's a shark fin following just a few feet directly behind her.

She seems to be aware of it's presence, as she asks "Is it a big one?" before she reaches the boat.

"Hard to tell," her friends answer.

"Holy f*ck, his head was underneath your board."

"Fantastic guys thank you," she says.

"So f*cking gnarly, that was crazy," someone comments.

They alerted their other friend who was still sitting on a board in the water after the hammerhead and paddler arrived.

According to the Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File, there have only been 18 hammerhead attacks on humans, and none of them were fatal. The file is global database of shark attacks ranging from the 1500s to now.


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