Grieving Dog Dad Shares News of Unexpected Passing of Internet-Famous Corgi

Unsplash/Alvan Nee

Losing a pet is so hard on people because pets become a part of your family. What makes it even worse is losing a pet unexpectedly and out of nowhere. @Hammy and Olivia Corgi are two internet famous dogs loved by millions on TikTok. I write about their shenanigans often and enjoy their videos. Mid-November I went to their page to see what they'd been up to and was saddened to find a video that their dog dad posted about Olivia's unexpected death.

The video starts with their dog dad in a green hoodie crying and speaking directly to the camera. Olivia was unable to empty her kidneys and the family made the gut-wrenching decision to euthanize her because they didn't want her to suffer. He goes on to say she passed in peace and in no pain, although it's clear that dad is in major pain.

This was not the news any of us wanted to hear. I love that he reminded pet owners to hug their pets today. He also said that it's a day that every pet owner knows is coming, but that nobody is ever prepared for. His sobbing made my heart hurt for them all, including Hammy.

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Fans were very upset by the news. The video has been viewed more than 11.5 million times, has almost a million likes, and nearly 120 thousand comments of condolences. Another TikTok dog dad who just lost his pup this week got almost 32 thousand likes when he shared the Winnie the Pooh quote, "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." It brought tears to my eyes.

I'm sure it will be a while (if ever) before this family shares more of @Hammy's funny and day-brightening antics, but we'll be there when they're ready. In the meantime, they've posted some videos of Olivia if you're a fan. They'll bring a smile to your face.

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