Dragon Ball Daima Kicks Off Character Profiles With Goku

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Dragon Ball Daima Goku and Vegeta

Dragon Ball Daima, the upcoming Dragon Ball anime that sees some big (and frankly, strange) changes to the Dragon Ball mythos, doesn’t have a release date yet, but that hasn’t stopped Toei from advertising it. Now, the company’s started releasing character profiles.

Toei is kicking off its character profiles with Goku, who seems to have been having a great day today, with the 11 variants of him announced as playable characters in Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero.

The character trailer for Goku shows us our first good look at Dragon Ball Daima, which seems to be using a mix of 3D CGI for its environments and traditional hand-drawn animation for its characters. It works, though, and the animation is very fluid and charming.

Goku himself seems to be as bouncy as ever, jumping to and fro between enemies, whacking people with his power pole, and scoffing down food. It’s definitely giving huge original Dragon Ball vibes, with a friendly, fun vibe that shies away from the super serious world-ending threats seen in most Z and onwards era Dragon Ball.

Part of that vibe is because everyone is a child now, thanks to a wish on the Dragon Balls by a mysterious character, as we saw in previous trailers. We also get to see a glimpse at some bad guys, which have a very Dragon Quest-y look to them. A blog post on the official Dragon Ball website showed off more artwork for these guys, and I honestly adore them.

Look at them. <p>Akira Toriyama / Toei</p>
Look at them.

Akira Toriyama / Toei

The blog post also shows some concept art for Hercule Satan, Android 18, Chichi, and Majin Buu, all of whom have been turned into adorable children. Sure, Buu is almost exactly alike to his original appearance, just… smaller — but just knowing that he’s smaller is delightful. Akira Toriyama is responsible for this art, after having previously revealed he was very involved with the new series.

As previously mentioned, there’s no release date set for Dragon Ball Daima yet, but Toei says it’s set to start airing in the Fall.

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