Dog Hilariously Stands up and Dances Like He’s a Regular at the Club


Sometimes you run across a TikTok that you just have to see to believe, and this one that shared in October 2023 of his dog dancing is definitely one of those videos!

Based on his moves, this dog must have been a dancer in a previous life. The video shows the pooch standing up like a human and dancing, while music plays in the background. Not only does the dog look happy, but it also looks like it's dancing to the beat of the music!

It's no surprise to me that's video immediately went viral, and now has over 22 million views, almost 2 million likes, and nearly 45 thousand comments! I think it's safe to say that people loved it!

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Commenters had some really great things to say about the video. @Yeaneec got over 35 thousand likes for the comment, "He Dominican for sure!" @not stacey shared, "He said this how I used to dance when I was human LOL" and @Your Mom added, "Proof of reincarnation"! @pocah693 pointed out, "This dog has more rhythm than most people I know. He knows the steps!!!" @dess laughed, "That’s a human stuck in a dog's body because ain’t no way"! And I laughed at @skittlzz who wondered "Who he dancing in that window for? LOL!"

I've never seen a dog dance like this before and I can't believe that the dog is doing this all on its own! The video totally made my day, and I'll definitely be checking back for more of these videos of the dog cutting the rug.

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