Dog's Happy Dance After Meeting Newborn Brother Is Quickly Going Viral

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Dogs have a funny way of showing their emotions. When they're energized they'll run in circles around the house, which we all know as zoomies. Then when a dog is scared of thunder he or she will hide under a table or sit right next to you. But how about when they're happy and excited?

A September 23 video from TikTok user @strattk gives us the answer to that question. The family's dog got to meet the newborn for the first time and we have to say, it was love at first sniff. Just wait until you see the dog's reaction. It's pure happiness!

Be still our hearts! We're so in love with this Golden Retriever and everything about his reaction to meeting his new baby brother. The little tippy tappy paw dance is our new favorite thing. We could watch it a million more times and still not get over it.

There are plenty of videos circling the internet of dogs and children having the best bond ever. While those videos are absolutely precious, it's not always rainbows and sunshine. Plenty of dogs get jealous when someone steals the spotlight in the house. That's why it's so important to do a proper introduction between pets and babies as well as giving your fur baby the attention they need.

Parents should also keep an eye out to see whether or not a dog's love for a newborn is an obsession or protection. Understanding this behavioral difference is essential. An obsessive dog might follow or stare at the baby constantly, attempt to lie on top of the baby, or show aggression toward others who carry the baby. If this happens in your household, you need to address it immediately to ensure the safety and well-being of both the baby and the dog.

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