Dog's Impressive Dancing Skills Should Win Some Kind of Award

Here's your chance to see a dog twerking on a fence!

Get ready, because we have your jam of the day ready for you! Now, warning, you are probably going to give your own dog the side-eye after watching this video because the dogs featured in this amazing clip have some mad skills. Especially the tiny one twerking on the fence.

Twerking? Yes, twerking. Don't take our word for it, just check out the video posted by incredible dog training TikTok account @The_Trickstars.

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Meanwhile, most of our dogs are trying to find snacks in the cat's litter box. Eye-roll. These dogs are just amazing! We can't pick a favorite, but the little white one is capturing everyone's hearts, with @Madz comments, "The little dog going across the fence." Love her! @Juliealbin adds, "That fence twerk!!!" @Emily adds, "The fence move was very impressive." @Samanthamcmillen hilarious knows all of us too well and says, "How many times have you watched this? Yes."

BRB, sharing this with everyone we know and then taking our own dogs out to our fences to teach them some moves.

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