Dog Has Better Dance Moves Than Most People Could Ever Hope to

Now, here's a dog with talent!

Question of the day, is it normal to be jealous of umm.. a dog's dance moves? Because this darling dog owned by TikTok account holder @Torinishino is making us wish we had these sort of moves on the dance floor. This very well may be the Paula Abdul or Ginger Rogers of dogs. 

Pretty girl indeed! Just watch this video and see this little pup strut her stuff. She is making us want her to give us some lessons! 

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TikTok users are utterly enchanted with her, with @Malitashiqs adding, "The dog was waiting for the "this this" part." That is so true, this precious pup is perfectly on beat! @Smily comments, "The dog!!!!!!!! She is a star!" @Frankielee comments, "Love this! She is a pretty girl!!" 

Because TikTokkers need to Tik Tok, a lot of comments are directed towards the back of the creator's pants, who explains she sat on the ground before taping. Besides, who cares if she has a stain on her pants when that dog is just too cute to notice anything else, LOL! As @Nickiellison states, "People be trying to find something to pick at I swear! ... great video!" Couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

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