Costco’s Retractable Screen Door Is Back in Stock, and Shoppers Say It’s a “Total Win!”

Tigard, OR, USA - Oct 31, 2023: Closeup of the Costco logo seen at its store in Tigard, Oregon. Costco Wholesale Corporation operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores.
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There’s nothing like that first spring day where it’s warm enough to open up your windows and doors and air out your space. Doing so is an essential part of any spring cleaning ritual and now, thanks to Costco, you can leave your doors open all season long. The big-box retailer brought back its bestselling retractable screen door, and you can install it on any exterior door frame.

The Cool Retractable Screen Door comes in four colors and three heights to fit door openings between 78 and 96 inches tall — no cutting required. Once installed, it acts like your basic screened slider door, and the handle easily sides so you can walk through.

The subtle striping on the screen will also prevent walkthroughs — just in case.

Buy: Cool Retractable Screen Door, $189.99 at Costco

“I have been eyeing this door for a while,” one Costco reviewer wrote. “After comparing with other big-box stores, Costco’s price is slightly lower and so we ordered one online … once you set up the frame, hooking it onto the existing door trim is like a breeze. I think the design is set up to do that. So far, we have no complaints and the door looks great and also does its job.”

You can buy the Cool Retractable Screen Door on rather than just in-store only, which is new for the retailer in 2024. Or, you can pick one up on Amazon (however, prepare to spend a bit more if choosing to do so).

Genius Cool Retractable Screen Door
Genius Cool Retractable Screen Door

Another Costco commenter called the screen door a “total win,” adding, “Easy to set up, even for DIY newbies. They blend right in with any home style, disappearing when you don’t need them. Super tough against weather and accidents. Smooth to operate and dead quiet. You can pick the look you want. Bottom line — these screens are a smart upgrade for any home.”

Let the fresh air in and keep bugs out with these easy-to-install sliding screen doors from Costco. Grab one now before your first round of spring cleaning.

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