Costco Is Making A Major Change To Their Rotisserie Chickens

costco kirkland rotisserie chicken
costco kirkland rotisserie chicken

Costco, the retail giant known for its bulk offerings, great deals, and iconic rotisserie chickens, may soon make changes to the packaging of their beloved chicken. According to recent reports and Reddit discussions, Costco is considering a switch from their traditional clear plastic containers with black bottoms to plastic bags with handles for their rotisserie chickens. Find all the details below.

Costco may switch up rotisserie chicken packaging

A memo recently shared on Reddit, which has since been removed, hinted at an impending change to the packaging of Costco rotisserie chickens (which have recently caused stomach issues), suggesting that the new packaging would result in a 75% reduction in plastic usage while maintaining the "same product quality." This move is purportedly a step towards greater environmental sustainability, as reported by Eat This Not That.

Interestingly, a Redditor from Iowa claims to have spotted these new bags already in use at the flagship warehouse in Issaquah, Washington. Moreover, it's similar packaging is already utilized in other countries like Canada.

As news of this potential shift circulates, Costco shoppers have expressed a range of opinions, with some embracing the change for its environmental benefits while others are more skeptical. Many are indifferent as long as the quality, taste, and price of the rotisserie chickens remain consistent. However, there are concerns regarding the convenience and practicality of the new packaging.

Reddit comments reflect this divide. One user expressed a preference for the current trays, citing their ease of use and resealability. They argue that the plastic bags may lead to messier handling and make it difficult to inspect the chicken before purchase.

"I like the trays a lot better. You can open it, cut off something to eat, and then put the lid back on, without making a mess, and being able to put the rest of it back into your fridge. The plastic bag is just a mess waiting to happen. Not to mention you can't really see the chicken you are getting before you pick one. This is not a positive change," one person wrote.

Another user humorously speculated about the possibility of a "melted plastic bag flavor" while another predicted "Leaks coming soon."

Debate also surrounds the motivation behind Costco's decision. While some believe it's primarily driven by environmental concerns, others suggest that cost-saving measures might be the driving force.

"The main motivator for Costco isn’t to be more environmentally friendly though lol it’s because it’ll be cheaper for them," one comment suspects.

What do you think? Is this going to be a detrimental change to the enjoyment of Costco rotisserie chickens—and is it really an environmentally driven decision? Let us know in the comments!

Regardless, we'll still be stocking up on these cult-favorite Costco finds.

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