Black Lab’s Reaction To Trying Sparkling Water for the First Time Is LOL Funny


Dogs sometimes have hilarious reactions when they try new things. Whether it's a new food or even something as simple as learning to climb stairs, their confusion always makes me smile. And it certainly was the case with @theblacklabrador_poppy when she tried sparkling water for the first time!

Poppy's human posted a video to Instagram at the end of October 2023 of Poppy trying a capful of sparkling water. She quickly licks it all up before the taste of it registers. But when it does, her body language and all tells you exactly what she thinks about the weird water!

Her reaction was priceless! Her little hop was one of total surprise, and then the way her eyes pop out looking at the water cap was too funny. And the sound effect, "Why is it spicy?" was so on point and is such a valid question when it comes to sparkling water!

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Commenters got a kick out of @Poppy's hilarious reaction to the spicy water in the video. @alliefox13 pointed out, "That side eye though so cute"! and @klchusky laughed, "Not the bombastic side eye"! @121212mama shared, "My oldest daughter as a toddler just screamed “Too much bubbles tickles my brain"!" @dinah.fashiondesigner gets it, "My dog at the ocean trying to drink the salty sea water. She didn’t know that salty water exists. Her face was priceless! She tried a second time and then never again." and another commenter added, "I have the exact same response to sparkling water"!

I bet that won't stop Poppy from drinking water of a cap again, though. Sometimes it takes puppies more than once to realize "once bitten, twice shy" are words to live by!

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