Dog Gives Mom the 'Side-Eye' Whenever She Interrupts His Cuddles with Dad

This pup clearly has a favorite parent.

Pets usually have one person in the family that they gravitate toward more than others. They have their favorite human. And if you don't think that, we hate to break the news to you, but you might not be their favorite. LOL! Don't worry though because it happens to the best of us!

TikTok user @harveytherescue knows what it's like not to be the favorite all too well. Her dog prefers dad over her and he especially loves his cuddle times with dad. And if you dare try and interrupt their cuddle session, well, you just don't want to. LOL!

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LMAO! That dog was SO upset his mom interrupted cuddle time with dad. Those eyes were like daggers! Doesn't mom know better than that?! Whatever mom has to say can wait until their time is over. Even we know that!

"Harvey loves his daddy!" wrote @cherylb1013. He sure does! He loves his daddy more than anything. Sorry,! @painisthefifthvitalsign asked, "Why do I feel like Harvey thinks YOU are the side piece in this crowded relationship?" HA! That's definitely how he views this dynamic in the house.

Another TikTok user, @v.lentzart, commented, "Baby puppy." Right?! He is giving off baby vibes and we couldn't love it anymore. We hope he gets extra cuddles with dad since mom rudely interrupted!

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