Black Lab's Scared Reaction To a Butterfly Is Precious and Hilarious All Rolled Into One

Is it just us, or have you noticed that bigger dogs always seem to be the ones who get scared more easily? It's the little dogs who are fearless, yapping away to show they aren't afraid. We have proof to back this up from our very own rescue dog. He’s 75 pounds and absolutely scared of pretty much everything. Flies, doors, and other dogs. We should show him this video from TikTok user @kaitlynsciarrino to let him know he’s not alone. LOL!

This dog mom was holding a butterfly in her hand like it was NBD. She wanted to show her dogs, but her one dog named Bruce wasn’t having any of it. His scared reaction is both precious and oh-so-hilarious. Take a look!

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Aww, we feel bad for this Black Lab! He wanted nothing to do with the beautiful butterfly. It didn't matter that his doggy sibling was excited to meet the butterfly either. He said no and that's that! Maybe one day he'll be able to conquer his fears, but we also understand. Plenty of people are scared of butterflies. This fear is called lepidoterophobia.

There are plenty of items that seem normal to us that can terrify dogs. The most common fears in dogs include vacuums, men, kids, rain, groomers, vets, stairs, and cars. Although, kittens, mice, spoons, lettuce, bubbles, balloons, crosswalks, bridges, dog clothes, and hates are among other things dogs hate.

If you're a dog owner with a fur baby who is scared of everything, don't lose hope. Through positive reinforcement training, counter-conditioning, practice, and a ton of patience, you can help your dog through this stage.

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