Austin Shelter Makes Plea to Find Forever Home for Sweet Pit Bull

Shutterstock/Karen Dole

While many animals in shelters have a hard time waiting for their forever homes, certain breeds and animals at a certain age have an even harder time getting adopted, such as senior animals and bully breeds like Pit Bulls.

The Austin Animal Center in Texas knows how hard it is to find a forever home for their bully breeds, such as Hammy, so this volunteer, @goodboygonehome, made it a plea to take Hammy for a sleepover and to show the world what a great dog he is in this video posted on October 28.

Aw, isn't he the sweetest, most gentle giant?

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Pit Bulls, like any other breed, can be incredibly affectionate and loyal pets. Their reputation often suffers due to misconceptions, so animal shelters and rescue organizations often make pleas to encourage adoption, highlighting their positive attributes and the need for loving homes.

As mentioned in the video, Hammy is house-trained, great on car rides, gentle with kids, and doesn't bark.

When shelters highlight a Pit Bull as well-behaved and good with kids, it often means the dog has been assessed for its temperament, behavior, and interactions, showing positive signs of being a good family pet.

All he wants is a forever home that gives him unconditional love, unlimited pets, and, of course, tons of treats.

You can tell he's such a good boy. But unfortunately, he has been in the shelter for over a year now, which is so heartbreaking.

So if you live in or around Austin and would love to adopt or foster Hammy, you can contact the Austin animal shelter directly.

We certainly hope Hammy will find his forever home sooner rather than later.

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